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Linear Motion Rolling Guide Series

IKO C-Lube Linear Way UL MUL

IKO C-Lube Linear Way MUL MUL

IKOC-Lube Linear Way MUL is a linear motion rolling guide adopting U-shaped track rail and incorporating built in lubricating parts, C-Lubes, in Linear Way MUL. Long term maintenance free can be achieved.
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Product Features

Maintenance free
The lubricant in C-Lube keeps the lubrication performance for a long period of time, so that the man-hours for troublesome re-lubrication control can be reduced and maintenance free operation (5 years or 20,000 km whichever comes earlier) can be achieved.
Incorporating C-Lube in the Linear Way MUL provides the slide unit having equal external dimensions to LWUL Series slide unit. C-Lube Linear Way MU can be replaced from existing Linear Way MUL without changing the stroke length.
Smooth and Light running
C-Lube is not in contact with the track rail. This permits smooth and light slide motion without increasing the rolling resistance.
Stainless steel made
The steel components of the C-Lube Linear Way MUL are manufactured in corrosion resistant stainless steel. This makes the units most suitable for applications in Special Environment and where lubricants and corrosion protection oils are prohibited.
Safety Structure
For ease of mounting on machines or equipments, the slide units have steel ball-retaining bands incorporated within its structure to prevent the loss of the rolling elements (balls) when the slide unit is removed from the track rail.
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