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Maintenance Free

By building-in the C-Lube lubricating part developed by IKO, it has become a system in which fresh lubricating oil is supplied continuously. It makes maintenance-free operation possible for 5 years or 20,000 km.
Capillary Lubricating Elements and Their MechanismFive Outstanding Features

Originality—Capillary Lubricating Elements and Their Mechanism

IKO developed a permanent lubricating element C-Lube based on its original concept which applies capillary phenomena, and by building-in the C-Lube as a lubricating part in Linear Motion Rolling Guide Series. C-Lube Linear (Roller) Way, equipped with oil minimum, was developed.

What is Lubricating Part C-Lube?

Before oil impregnationAfter oil impregnation
A communicating, porous, sintered resin formed by sintering fine resin powder to a sleeve or plate.
Lots of lubricating oil is impregnated into the internal space by utilizing capillary phenomena.

Lubricating Oil Supplying Mechanism of C-Lube Linear Way

The lubricating oil is conveyed by the circulation of rolling elements.
By direct contact of C-Lube built into the lubricating route of the slide unit and the rolling elements, the lubricating oil is supplied directly. Furthermore, by the circulation of the roller elements, the lubricating oil is conveyed to the load area.
As a result, a suitable amount of oil is secured at the load area at all times, and lubricating performance is maintained for a long period of time.
Lubricating Oil is Supplied to the Surface of the Rolling Elements Directly.
The surface of the C-Lube is covered with lubricating oil at all times.
When the rolling element comes into contact with the surface of C-Lube, lubrication oil is fed continuously to the rolling element surface by surface tension.
Fresh lubricating oil is supplied continuously from other parts to the surface of C-Lube which is in contact with the rolling elements.

Solution—Five Outstanding Features

Maintenance is Unnecessary

Maintenance-free for 5 years or 20,000 km was realized!
Grease is sealed inside of the slide unit of C-Lube Linear (Roller) Way. Furthermore, since lots of lubricating oil is impregnated into the C-Lube, even after the initially sealed grease is used up by running for a long period of time, the lubricating oil in the C-Lube will sustain the lubricating effect over a long period.


Ecological Specification that Suppresses the Use of Lubricating Oil!
While running, only a small amount of lubricating oil that is necessary for lubrication is used. Furthermore, since replenishment of the lubricating oil is not required, you are relieved from troublesome maintenance work, the running cost is reduced, the equipment manufacturing cost is lowered, environmental impact is reduced, and the expansion of the degree of allowance can be realized.
Small lubrication oil consumption amount of C-Lube seen in the oil supply test results

Compact Design

Since the dimensions are the same as the existing products, replacements can be made without any changes in design!
By building-in lubricating part C-Lube to the rolling element circulation route of the slide unit, C-Lube Linear (Roller) Way realized the exact same external dimensions as the conventional Linear (Roller) Way. By building-in the lubricating parts, it is possible to replace the conventional products without receiving limitations in the mounting space and stroke length.


Light and Smooth Operations were Realized!
Unlike the plate system where an attachment is made to the outside of the slide unit and comes into contact with track rail, the sliding resistance of the C-Lube Linear (Roller) Way does not increase.
In addition, since it is made into a structure in which the rolling elements and C-Lube come into contact in the no load area of the circulation route, the circulation of the rolling elements is not hindered, and light and smooth sliding is realized.
Since the follow-up of the position command is improved, the accuracy improves, and it contributes to energy saving by lowering the driving force.
Sliding resistance test results certifying smooth operation


Securing Maximum Rigidity
Since thorough structural analysis and optimum designing were conducted on the slide unit, the same rigidity as conventional products was secured. Furthermore, it has a huge effect in shortening the positioning time.
Test results of upward rigidity
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