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Special Environment

IKO products are used in a broad range of fields such as industrial robots, machine tools, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment. Their usage environment becomes diversified every year. In order to meet the respective needs, we are developing and supplying products which incorporate our own ideas and experience.


Various Special EnvironmentsSpecial EnvironmentStainless Steel Linear Motion Rolling Guides Series
Ultra Sealed Linear Way HSpecial Specifications for Special Environments


Various Special Environments and Countermeasures



Corrosion Resistance


Prevents machine and equipment from being corroded by moisture and chemicals.
Series made of stainless steel. Black chrome surface treatment.




It also handles machine and equipment that require a vacuum environment such as semiconductor manufacturing machine.
No seal. Stainless steel end plates and fluorine type grease.


Foreign Matters (Metal powder, wood chips, etc.)


In the product manufacturing process, etc., prevents foreign matters from entering Linear Motion Rolling Guide Series.
Highly Sealed Linear Way H, double seal, scraper, caps for track rail mounting holes, seal plate for track rail, black chrome surface treatment, threaded holes for mounting bellows, exclusive bellows.


Heat Resistance


It can be used in high temperature environments such as heat generating machines.
Stainless steel end plates, seals for special environments, clean grease designation (IKO CG2 Grease), grease for high temperature use.




Even if metal particles are scattered, machine and equipment can be operated without trouble.
Scraper, caps for track rail mounting holes, caps for track rail mounting holes (made of aluminum alloys), treatment by fluorine black chrome surface, stainless steel end plates.




It can also be safely used for semiconductor manufacturing processes and medical applications.
Stainless steel series, black chrome surface treatment, clean grease designation, fluorine type grease.

Special Environment

Stainless Steel Linear Motion Rolling Guide Series


The IKO stainless steel Linear Motion Rolling Guide Series is a product series that adopts stainless steel, which does not rust easily in comparison with carbon steel, in the main parts.
It is most suitable for places that are easily affected by oil and you wish to refrain from using anti-corrosive oil or environments where water is scattered.
The stainless steel Linear Motion Rolling Guide Series is most suitable for machine or equipment used in the clean room such as medical equipment and semiconductor manufacturing equipment. In addition, by combining them with special specifications for special environments, you will be able to correspond to various usage and environments.
C-Lube Linear Way
C-Lube Linear Way L
C-Lube Linear Way E
C-Lube Linear Way H
C-Lube Linear Way UL
Linear Way
Linear Way L
Linear Way E
Linear Way H
Linear Way F
Linear Way U
Linear Way Roller Way Super X
Linear Way LM
Crossed Roller Way
Crossed Roller Way
Ball Slide
High Rigidity Precision Ball Slide
Precision Ball Slide
Ball Spline
Ball Spline G (Stainless Steel Spline Shaft)
Linear Bushing
Linear Bushing
Miniature Linear Bushing
Cam Follower
Standard Cam Follower
Miniature Cam Follower

Ultra Sealed Linear Way H


Excellent dust proof effect!
The IKO Ultra Sealed Linear Way H is Linear Motion Rolling Guide Series in which the slide unit of Ultra sealed specification conducts an infinite straight line movement on the exclusive track rail of which the whole surface of the seal contact surface is ground.
To the slide unit, tight sealing special shape seals are mounted to the ends and bottom plane, and by combining them with track rails of which the precision shape of the seal contact surface has been heightened, excellent dust proof effect is exhibited. Needless to say of general industrial machines, it will prove itself effective when used in environments where dust is easily generated such as processing equipment for metals, wood, and stone.
In the case of track rail upward mounting specifications (LWH...MU), by eliminating the mounting holes on top of the track rail, the seal tightness is heightened, and an even greater sealing effect can be obtained.
Ultra Sealed Linear Way H

Special Specifications for Special Environments


Effective countermeasures can be taken by making selections matching the environment!
In the case of the IKO Linear Motion Rolling Guide Series, in order to correspond to all kinds of environments, we have prepared the following special specifications. By adding supplementary codes at the end of bearing numbers, they can be designated easily, and by combining these special specifications, an even more effective countermeasure becomes possible.
Double Seal (/V)
Double Seal (/V)
By doubling the side seal, the dust-proof property is heightened.
Scraper (/Z)
Scraper (/Z)
Remove large foreign matters that are attached to the track rail.
(Non-contact structure)
Threaded holes for mounting bellows (/J)
Threaded Holes for Mounting Bellows<Exclusive Bellows>:Protective covers used in case of severe environment such as dusty working area.
Attach the threaded holes for mounting bellows at the ends of the slide unit and the track rail.
Caps for mounting holes of the track rail (/F)
Caps (Made of synthetic resins):In case you wish to have caps made of aluminum alloys, please make an inquiry to IKO.
Prevents plugging of the mounting hole of the track rail by foreign matters such as the cutting powder, and prevents it from entering the slide unit.
Seal plate for track rail (/PS)
Seal plate for track rail (/PS)
Prevents foreign matters from entering the inside of the slide unit from the track rail mounting holes, and improves the sealing performance.
Black Chrome Surface Treatment (/LCR) Fluorine Black Chrome Surface Treatment (/LFCR)
Black Chrome Surface Treatment (/LCR) Fluorine Black Chrome Surface Treatment (/LFCR)
The corrosion resistance is improved by forming a black penetrating film on the slide unit or track rail.
As for fluorine black chrome surface treatment, after conducting black chrome surface treatment, a fluorine resin coating is made, and by doing so, the corrosion resistance is further improved. In addition, it prevents attachment of weld spatter.
With C-Lube (/Q)
With C Lubes (/Q)
A C-Lube with impregnated oil is assembled to the inside of the end seal of the slide unit. Owing to the extension of lubricant supplying intervals, maintenance work can be greatly reduced.
Stainless steel end plates (/BS)
Steel Side Plate (/BS)
By changing the side plate to stainless steel, heat resistance is improved. In case it is used in a high temperature environment, it is used in combination with seals for special environments (/RE) or changes in grease (/YCG).
No seal (/N)
No seal (/N):The photo shows a combination of No Seal (/N) and stainless steel end plates (/BS).
In place of end seals, stainless steel plates that do not contact with track rail are attached. Resistance of seals can be eliminated.
Seals for special environments (/RE)
The photo shows a combination of seals for special environment (/RE) and stainless steel end plates (/BS).
This is an end seal for special environments and it can be used in a high temperature environment. In case it is used in a high temperature environment, it is used by combining it with stainless steel end plates (/BS) and special grease (/YCG).
CG2 Clean grease designation (/YCG) CGL Clean grease designation (/YCL) AF2 Clean grease designation (/YAF)
CG2 Grease designation (/YCG) CGL Grease designation (/YCL) AF2 Grease designation (/YAF)
Sealing grease will be changed to IKO low dusting grease for clean environment CG2 (or CGL) or IKO anti-fretting grease AF2. CG2 (or CGL) grease is a low dusting grease having excellent lubrication performance and rust preventing properties in comparison with grease for vacuum use. AF2 grease excels in resistance against fretting corrosion, and it is suitable for applications that involve extremely small strokes.
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