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Miniature Technology


Perfection of micro-structure realized by simple structure and compact design, achieved by none but IKO.

Outstanding Points


Proprietary Down-Sizing Technology


1. By super down-sizing, we are able to handle further super down-sizing and super high performance of all machine and equipment.
2. Of course, IKO’s high performance and high quality remain as they are.

Track Rail Width: 1mm Cross Sectional Height: 2.5mm

Linear Way L LWL1
Linear Way L  LWL 1
(Cross Sectional Height of LWL1... Y is 4.5 mm)
The IKO Linear Way L has a structure in which steel balls circulate inside of the slide unit, and it is an extremely small-sized Linear Motion Rolling Guides where the balls make infinite straight line movement on the track rail. It can handle further micro-worlds such as semiconductor manufacturing equipment, liquid crystal related apparatus and medical equipment.

Shaft Diameter: 2mm Outside Diameter of External Cylinder: 6mm

Ball Spline G LSAG2/LSAGF2
Ball Spline G  LSAG2/LSAGF2
The IKO Ball Spline G is a Linear Motion Rolling Guide Series of the round shaft type in which the external cylinder makes an infinite straight line movement on the spline shaft. It is most suitable for further down-sizing such as chip mounters, industrial robots, OA equipment, and measuring instruments in which smooth straight line movement and the accurate positioning of the rotation direction are required.

Shaft Diameter: 2mm Outside Diameter of External Cylinder: 5mm

Miniature Stroke Rotary Bushing STSI2
Miniature Stroke Rotary Bushing  STSI2
The IKO Miniature Stroke Rotary Bushing is a Linear Motion Rolling Guide Series with an extremely small cross-section which has extremely small steel balls built into the thin walled external cylinder and which can make a rotating movement and reciprocating movement in the axial direction at the same time. It will respond to the demand of smooth and precise rotation and direct acting guide of such items as various measuring equipment, IC manufacturing equipment, and extremely small parts of precision machines.

Stud Diameter: 2mm Outside Diameter of Outer Ring: 4.5mm

Miniature Cam Follower CFS2
Miniature Cam Follower  CFS2
The IKO Miniature Cam Follower is a cam follower designed to be extremely compact, an optimally light load, high precision cam mechanism and follower bearing of straight line movement. It responds to various needs such as electronic parts equipment, OA equipment and small-sized index apparatus.
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