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Based on high proprietary processing technology, strict dimensional control is made on the slide unit and external cylinder as well as the track rail and spline shaft, and an unparalleled high interchangeability level is exhibited.
It is a product selection system based on the user’s viewpoint.


Outstanding PointsThree Outstanding Features


Outstanding Points


Additions and Replacements can be Made Easily


Units of various forms (External Cylinder) can be combined on the same rail (Shaft), and it is possible to add or replace each unit. Therefore, replacing parts based on sudden changes in the specifications is easy.


It is Possible to Respond to Short Term Delivery


Since inventory control of the unit (external cylinder) and rail (shaft) can be conducted singly, it is possible to respond to short term delivery.


High Accuracy, High PreLoad Setting is Possible


Since strict accuracy control is conducted in units of parts, it is possible to make settings of accuracy classes or high preload.


Improvement of Work Efficiency at the Time of Assembly


Normally, when a plurality of sets is assembled, it is necessary to control the combination of units (external cylinder) and rails (spline shaft) for each set. In the case of Interchangeable products, set control at the time of assembly work is not required, and it is instrumental in conducting the work efficiently.


Abundant Variations


There are lots of variations of form, size, and types of materials, etc., and the optimum product can be selected for all applications.


Abundant Special Specifications are Lined Up


To match the various applications, standards corresponding to abundant options are available. Designation can be made by adding supplementary symbols to the arrangement of bearing numbers.


Three Outstanding Features of Interchangeable


Unit Interchangeability


As for the slide units, numerous types are available in terms of shape of cross-section and length. Any of these can be combined freely on the same track rail. Furthermore, the track rails can also be connected for use.

Interchangeability of Accuracy


Accuracies are classified into three classes, namely, Ordinary Class, Upper Class and Precision Class. Thus, it is possible to correspond to applications that require high running accuracy. In addition, since the mutual difference of heights is controlled with high accuracy for a plurality of sets, even when track rails are used in parallel, they can be used with a sense of security.


Up to Precision Class is Standard Installation
Parallel Usage of a Plurality of sets is standard.

Preload Interchangeability


Since high accuracy dimensional control that makes the most of simple structures is conducted, we were able to realize the interchangeability of a slide unit to which preload is given.
In addition, several preload areas are set, making it possible to handle applications that require rigidity which is of one rank higher.


Owing to dimension control of high accuracy, settings of high pre-loading are possible. High rigidity interchangeability of the slide unit is realized with the same pre-load symbol.
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