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Roller Effect

By aligning 4 rows of cylinder rollers in a highly rigid casing so that they are well-balanced in parallel, IKO Linear Roller Way Super X takes full advantage of the excellent characteristics of the rollers, and it is Linear Motion Rolling Guide Series that realizes smooth operation, high reliability, high rigidity and high accuracy.

Outstanding Points

High Rigidity


In comparison with ball bearings, rollers have excellent characteristics such as minimal elastic deformations in terms of load. By assembling lots of rollers in the slide unit, high rigidity was realized.


Outstanding Vibration Characteristics


Since rollers have high rigidity, displacement based on repeated fluctuating load is minimal, and it also has excellent characteristics regarding vibration damping.


Well-balanced Structure


Since IKO Linear Roller Way Super X has 4 rows of rollers aligned in a well-balanced form in the slide unit, it can withstand loads from all directions uniformly. Distance between rollers receiving the load is made large so that the structure will be strong against moment.


High Load Capacity


Since rollers have broader contact surface with the tracks than ball bearings, they have the characteristics of having that much larger load capacity. The rated load of the IKO Linear Roller Way Super X is made large by assembling lots of rollers having outstanding load capacity.


Long Life and High Accuracy


Since the tracks are precision finished, long life and high accuracy can be obtained. Furthermore, since the number of rollers receiving the load is large, the very small deflections at the time of operation can be suppressed to a minimum.


Quiet and Smooth Operation


Since the rollers are circulated by adopting an epoch-making circulation structure, quiet and smooth operation is made possible.


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