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IKO Technology

High quality, high performance products manufactured by IKO. Introducing the original IKO technology, “Technology none but IKO can realize.”

Maintenance Free

By continuously supplying fresh lubrication oil, maintenance becomes unnecessary.
This is an epoch-making lubricating system based on lubricating part C-Lube developed by IKO.
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Roller Effect

In comparison with ball bearings, rollers have minimal elastic deformations in terms of load.
Taking full advantage of these characteristics, smooth operation, high reliability, high rigidity, and high accuracy were realized.
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Free Combination

Owing to strict dimensional control, an unparalleled high interchangeability level can be exhibited.
With abundant variations, we are even able to rapidly respond to the replacement of parts by changes in specifications.
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High Performance, Miniaturization Technology

Simple structure and compact design based on proprietary down-sizing technology.
Even in case of extremely small size products, high performance and high quality are realized.
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Technology to Accommodate Special Environments

It is possible to select the optimum product for matching needs from special specifications corresponding to various special environments by changing materials and grease as well as conducting surface treatment.
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