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Precision Positioning Table Series

IKO Linear Motor Table LT...M

IKO Linear Motor Table LT...M

IKOLinear Motor Table LT...M is a compact positioning table having an AC linear servomotor between a steel moving table and a steel bed together with an optical linear encoder.
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Product Features

IKOC-Lube Linear Way L is used for the table guide, realizing maintenance free for 5 years or 20,000km. Moreover, high acceleration / deceleration and quick response positioning can be achieved due to the linear motor in combination.
IKOLinear Motor Table LT...M is the best suited for the compact positioning mechanism used in semiconductor / LCD-related manufacturing equipment, test equipment, electronic part assembling facility, etc., which require clean environment.
Compactness and Long stroke specification
Linear Motor Table LT...M uses a C-shaped magnet yoke which does not generate attraction of magnet and a compact linear motion rolling guides, realizing a very compact motor table of 17 mm high and 45 mm wide. Linear Motor Table LT...M also uses a moving coil system to extend the stroke length up to 300 mm as standard.
High acceleration / deceleration & Quick response positioning
A combination of a light weight moving table and a high thrust power cored linear motor realizes high acceleration / deceleration and quick response positioning of 1.3 m/s maximum (at a resolution of 0.5Ám selected).
High resolution & accuracy
High resolution and high positioning accuracy can be obtained by full closed loop controlling with optical linear encoder and assures high stable accuracy for a long period.
Maintenance free
IKOC-Lube Linear Way L, maintenance free for 5 years or 20,000 km, is adopted for guiding part.
Twin modules Parallel arrangement
LT45M/M2 Twin module specification, which is 2 moving modules per a set, is newly available. Maximum thrust and maximum carrying mass are twice as single module specification. This specification expands the use of LT...M.
LT45M/M2W Parallel arrangement of LT...M makes various table configurations possible. This driving set-up provides large thrust force and minimizes torsion of the table structure and the motion delay between left and right driving axes. This can build a stable positioning mechanism.
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