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Precision Positioning Table Series

IKO Micro Precision Positioning Table TM

IKO Micro Precision Positioning Table TM

IKOMicro Precision Positioning Table TM is an extremely compact precision positioning table comprising IKOMicro Linear Way L of a track rail width of 2 mm, which has a reputation in a micro device field and a precision-ground ball screw of 2 mm in diameter.
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Product Features

Micro Linear Way L, ball screws, and other steel parts used for IKOMicro Precision Positioning Table TM are made of stainless steel and highly corrosion resistant.
This positioning table can satisfy the highest precision requirement that cannot be satisfied by conventional small positioning tables in addition to device downsizing and space saving requirements.
Very compact positioning table of 20mm high (sectional) and 17mm wide driven by a ground ball screw.
IKOMicro Linear Way L of a rail width of 2 mm for the table guide and a miniature ball screw of a screw diameter of 2 mm for the feeding mechanism are used. The ground ball screw has the lowest sectional height that cannot be accomplished ever, and realizes smooth and stable sliding motion, high running accuracy, small backlash and high accuracy positioning of good follow-up property.
AC servo motor and stepping motor selectable
IKOprovides various kinds of AC servo motors and stepping motors which are selectable according to user applications.
Optional miniature sensors (can be built in)
Micro Precision Positioning Table TM can contain Origin, Pre-origin, CW and CCW sensors without changing external dimensions.
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