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Precision Positioning Table Series

IKO Piezo Stage SP

IKO Piezo Stage SP

IKOPiezo Stage SP is a super micromotion stage having a displacement detection mechanism made of a piezoelectric element and a strain gauge in a compact steel stage.
IKOPiezo Stage SP realizes a high resolution of “10nm” and a high positioning accuracy that can build up a high accuracy compact rough-motion / micromotion mechanism when combined with Precision Positioning Table.
IKOPiezo Stage SP is best suited for laser optical apparatus, semiconductor, LCD manufacturing equipment, and other control mechanisms that require complicated positioning operations.
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Product Features

IKOPiezo Stage SP uses the piezoelectric element as a driving source. The piezoelectric element has a laminated structure which sandwiches a piezoelectric
material with electrodes and expands when a voltage is applied between the electrodes (which is called "inversed piezoelectric effect"). In this case, a hysteresis generates between the applied voltage and the quantity of expansion. Piezo Stage SP performs high-accuracy super micromotion positioning by disposing a strain gauge in an optimum point obtained by a structural analysis and controlling the hysteresis by a closed control mechanism.
High resolution and high positioning accuracy
Piezo Stage SP realizes high resolution of "10 nm" and high positioning accuracy.
Smooth micromotion
Parallel springs are provided as a mechanism to support the moving part.
The springs can give a constant preload to the piezoelectric element and realize a frictionless stable micromotion feeding.
Dedicated driver having a versatile function also capable of handling pulse commands
IKOprovides Piezo Stage SP together with dedicated driver that can receive pulse commands and USB commands in addition to general analog voltage commands.
You can build up an optimum control system according to your system requirements.
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