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Precision Positioning Table Series

IKO Alignment Stage Module Type SA...M

IKO Alignment Stage Module Type SA...M

IKOAlignment Stage Module Type SA...M is a low-section and large sized precision positioning stage in which Alignment Module AM having an angle adjustment mechanism is arranged on the same plane, and can perform XYθ motion.
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Product Features

Alignment Stage Module Type SA...M
Open Core Structure The stage and base adopt a large diameter open core structure. It is possible to make measurement of transmitted light from the bottom plane, and conduct cord wiring of equipment and devices.
The Advent of SA250M having a Profile Height of Merely 65 mm!

IKO Alignment Stage SA...M is a XYθ stage having extremely low profile height of single layer structure, and it arranges a plurality of Alignment Module AM that has angle adjustment mechanism on the same flat surface.
To the table sizes 420 and 800 that adopt large diameter open core structure, 250 was added for small applications, and a total line-up of three sizes was made. It is most suitable as alignment mechanism for manufacturing equipment and inspection equipment related to semiconductors and flat panel displays.

Alignment Module AM Miniature Alignment Module AM25 was newly added.

Alignment Module AM that realizes construction of various alignment stages. For miniature applications, AM25 having a height of 47 mm, a width of 86 mm was added. The variations include a total of 4 sizes up to AM86.


Alignment Module AM
Shape Form SizeW×L×H(mm) Stroke (mm) Repetitive Positioning Accuracy (mm)
AM25 86×130×47 30 ±0.002
AM40 120×180×78 30 ±0.002
AM60 220×290×110 90 ±0.002
AM86 350×390×148 120 ±0.002

Alignment Stage Module Type SA...M
Shape Form SizeW×L×H(mm) Maximum Operation RangeXY Movement (mm)Angle Compensation Movement (deg) Repetitive Positioning AccuracyXY Movement (mm)Angle Compensation Movement (sec)
SA250M 250×250×65 ±15±10 ±0.002±6
SA250M 500×500×120 ±15±5 ±0.002±3
SA250M 900×900×170 ±45±8 ±0.002±1.5
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