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Precision Positioning Table Series

IKO Nano Linear NT

IKO Nano Linear NT

Nano Linear NT is a direct drive positioning table, featuring a very low sectional height and light weight. A moving magnet and an optical linear scale are assembled in a moving table made of steel which plays a roll as a magnet yoke. A stator coil and a linear scale sensor are integrated with a steel bed which acts as a coil yoke. These components are assembled compactly with miniature type linear motion rolling guides IKOLinear Way L incorporated in the guide section of the table. Furthermore, floating cables are completely eliminated by adopting a unique design in which the linear scale sensor is arranged on the bed. So this table generates very little dust and provides a high level of cleanliness. By incorporating the strongest neodymium magnet, Nano Linear NT provides large driving force and achieves high speed and quick response positioning despite its very small size. Nano Linear NT is most suitable for use as a compact positioning mechanism for semiconductor and liquid crystal related equipment, measuring instruments and assembling systems, where cleanliness is essential.
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Product Features

Advanced Linear Motor Table Carrying Compactness to Extremity

IKO Nano Linear is a compact linear motor table that excels in functional beauty by arranging magnet and scale for optical linear encoder to the movable steel table portion, and stator coil and head for linear encoder to the steel bed portion.
To the guiding portion of the table, by combining it with IKO linear way and linear motor that have high reputation in the field of compact Linear Motion Rolling Guide Series, high-accuracy positioning is realized.
As for the rotor, by the adoption of high performance neodymium magnet, although the size is extremely small, large thrust is gained, and high-speed, high-response positioning becomes possible. Furthermore, since the mechanical contact portion is linear way only, high degree of cleanliness is obtained.
Nano Linear is most suitable as compact positioning equipment such as semiconductor and liquid crystal related manufacturing equipment, and inspection instrument and electronic parts assembly equipment that demand clean environment.
In the Nano Linear series, two types, namely, “NT...V” series having excellent cost-performance, and compact “NT” series are prepared.


NT...V Series NT Series
Profile Dimensions
Model Number NT80V 25 NT80V 65 NT80V 120 NT60-25 NT60-65 NT80-120
25 65 120 25 65 120
Maximum Thrust (N) 36 25 33
Rated Thrust (N) 8 7
Resolution 0.1 or 0.5 0.1 or 0.5
0.5 0.5
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