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Precision Positioning Table Series

IKO Cleanroom Precision Positioning Tables TC...US/TC...U/TC...L

IKO Cleanroom Precision Positioning Table TC...US/TC...U/TC...L

IKOCleanroom Precision Positioning Table TC is the most suitable for use in an environment requiring high cleanliness, for example, semiconductor manufacturing equipment and liquid crystal related equipment. Its unique high air-tightness structure seals the driving part and slide table guide part perfectly to prevent dust emission from the table to the surrounding environment. Three types of Cleanroom Precision Positioning Table are available. Slim type TC...US has super cleanliness and compactness with availability of motor holding back type. TC...U has a high rigidity bed with many options and TC...L has a full cover structure that ensures low noise and is excellent in corrosion resistance.
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Product Features

Cleanliness JIS class 2
Cleanroom Precision Positioning Table TC...US has achieved class 2, TC...U and TC...L have achieved class 3 (Federal Standard 209D Class 1) at the cleanliness evaluation using the IKOmeasuring method.
Original sealing structure
The inside of the table is sealed by using sealing foam blocks and low dust seals. Also, dust emission to the outside is prevented by sucking the internal air of the table.
Clean environment grease is adopted.
IKOClean Environment Grease CG2 is used in Linear Motion Rolling Guide and Driving Ball Screw to suppress dust generation to the minimum level.
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