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Linear Motion Rolling Guide Series



IKOLinear Way U is a linear motion rolling guide featuring a track rail with a U-shaped cross section. Raceways are provided on the inside surface of the track rail, and a slide unit mounted inside the track rail travels along the raceways. The U-shaped track rail has much higher rigidity as compared with the track rail with a rectangular cross section, especially under moment and torsion. Therefore, in addition to the conventional way of fastening a track rail on a mounting base, it can be used by itself as a structural member of machines and equipment, in a cantilever position or being supported at both ends.
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Product Features

U-shaped track rail
Rigidity of track rail under moment and torsion is very much increased by adopting the U-shaped design. The track rails can, therefore, be mounted on machines and equipment as structural members, either in a cantilever position or supported at both ends, so they can be combined and assembled freely.
High precision and rigidity
Large diameter steel balls in the slide unit are arranged in two rows, and makes contact with the raceways at four points. Stable high precision and rigidity are thus obtained even under fluctuating loads with changing direction and magnitude or complex loads.
Ball retained type
The slide unit of ball retained type incorporates ball retaining bands, which prevent steel balls from dropping when the slide unit is separated from the track rail. So handling is easy.
Additional work on track rail is possible
Additional work can be made on track rails of standard type, so that drive mechanisms and other peripheral devices can be fixed directly to the track rails. (*Note that additional work cannot be made near the raceways of track rail. For details, consult for further information.)
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